Cape Coral is the 8th largest city by population and the 3rd largest by land mass in Florida. Cape Coral currently has a population of more than 200,000 residents and is experiencing high growth. As a pre-platted community, Cape Coral could have more than 360,000 residents at buildout.

The intent of this study is to prepare an original Economic Development Strategic Plan which contains goals, objectives, implementation plans, and metrics. It is intended to identify the strengths of the City of Cape Coral and determine a means of leveraging those advantages to spur economic growth.

This website serves as the repository of project information, data, and reports.

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Review Committee

    • T. Sharon Woodberry, Economic Development Officer
    • Matt Grambow, Special Projects Coordinator – City Manager’s Office
    • Laura Dodd, Principal Transportation Planner – Public Works
    • Chad Boyko, Principal Planner – Development Services – Public Works
    • Amy Yearsley, City Planning Manager – Development Services
    • Bill Corbett, Design and Construction Manager - Capital Projects
    • Melissa Mickey, Communications Manager - City Manager's Office
    • Pamela Johnson, Deputy Director, Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau
    • Andreana Petersen - Business Recruitment/Retention Specialist
    • Ashley Anderson - Business Recruitment/Retention Specialist

Project Timeline

Key Milestone Dates
    • Week 2: Kick-Off Meeting
    • Week 2: Visioning Sessions
    • Week 4: Task 1 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 8: Task 2 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 12: Task 3 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 14: Task 4 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 17: Task 5 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 18: Business Roundtables
    • Week 24: Task 6 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 26: Task 7 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 30: Task 8 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 32: Task 9 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 34: Task 10 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 44: Task 11 Progress Report/Video Conference
    • Week 50: Task 12 Draft Final Report Presentation
    • Week 52: Task 12 Final Report/Marketing Materials
    • Week 52: Task 12 Close out/Archiving of Materials

Project Tasks

Percent Complete
Percent Completion Chart

Total Project Completion: 64.9%

Task Reports

Click on individual task reports for detailed work activity


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